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Tran Xuan Khoi

Chief Human Resources Officer

With over 15 years of experience in software industry, Mr. Khoi has contributed greatly to the growth of the company as well as to the global software outsourcing industry of Vietnam. In 2016, Mr. Khoi was appointed Chief Human Resource Officer (CHRO). At the position, he is responsible for building and executing human resources development strategies to respond to the demand of the company. He directly manages the company’s long-term human resource development programs and projects beside other recruitment and training activities.

As CHRO, Mr. Khoi is also in charge of developing human resources with Japanese language proficiency and back up resources to ensure sufficient human resources for different offices/departments of the company.

Prior to the recent CHRO position, Mr. Khoi was Director of FPT Japan from 2012 to 2015. His management and leadership have led to the significant increase in FPT’s outsourcing business to Japan, making it the leading revenue generating market of FPT Software.