Former Chairman & Chief Software Architect
Mr. Bill Gates

“I am glad that Microsoft co-operates with FPT, a Vietnamese partner that is not only providing products and services for Vietnamese people but also handling some outsourcing work for clients in Malaysia and Singapore. I believe this partnership will develop further in the near future, resulting in the creation of even more IT jobs for Vietnam”

Hitachi Solutions

President and Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Masahiro Hayashi

“The cooperation between FPT Software with top-ranked companies in the world is forceful evidence that defines the leading position of the company in Vietnam’s information technology industry. Hitachi Solution began working with FPT Software since 2003. FPT Software’s skillful staff made us trust and continue to cooperate with them until today. Recently, we have developed cooperation with FPT Software in the field of manufacturing, I’d love the relationship between Hitachi and FPT Software to expand and be more fruitful, not only in the field of software outsourcing but also in many other businesses.”

Harvey Nash

Outsourcing Business Executive
Mr. Paul Smith

“Harvey Nash has been a partner of FPT Software for over 10 years and together we’ve done 400 projects which say a lot in itself. Harvey Nash is a global organization and FPT Software quality, culture, global delivery model have really served this well. Bravo our relationship reflects trust and the ease on doing business to enable our long term relationship.”


Neopost ORDC Hanoi
Mr. Jerome Modolo

“FPT Software has been chosen after a thorough survey of more than 100 IT companies from around the world, including testimonials. After 3 years cooperation with FPT Software, what I can say is I have been intensely impressed by the Company’s competencies such as technical skills, quality management systems, and modern, secure facilities, but maybe more specially by the client-focused services. In the near future, we want to expand our service offerings with FPT Software such as Embedded Development, PC and Mobile Applications and also Server Development. These are totally in line with our domain needs.”

Sony Electronics

Senior Engineering Manager
Mr. Tam Dao

“The reasons why we chose FPT Software as a trusted partner are that we see a lot of potentials from FPT from different angles. First is from resources and expertise. Second is in terms of capabilities to collaborate with and facilities to work in several projects. Finally, I know a lot about Vietnamese culture, therefore I feel trusted in FPT. FPT engineers, managers and all executives are very cooperative. They are very friendly, understandable and willing to work with the client. They have a lot of enthusiasm to get toughness, so I’m pretty happy to see FPT as a potential client/partner of Sony.“


Interactive Solution Group, Broadband Communications Division
Mr. Manabu Motegi

“We would like to thank FPT Software project team for their quickness in respond and maturity in handling changing requirements. The team provided us with high quality project and on committed schedule“


Mr. James Delmerico

“I’m sure you’re aware building software is not an easy endeavor especially when the team is split across two companies and on opposite sides of the planet, but we have shipped the first version of our company’s newest product built under exactly those conditions. Not only this, but I expect this to be one of the highest quality initial releases for Nexidia. During our collaboration over the past year, everyone I’ve interacted with has been professional and courteous. The camaraderie and team spirit I witnessed at the office was definitely something to be emulated! I believe the team we’ve assembled from your pool of qualified resources meets my initial goal of building a capable extension to our engineering capacity. I value their work ethic and willingness to put in additional time on occasion to help us meet our commitments. We expect to continue with this team into 2012 and will definitely consider adding resources as business needs dictate. Thanks again and I wish you the best as you continue to grow your business in the USA.“


Asia Business Development, CEO Office
Mr. Mori Tetsuya

“I made my first visit to Vietnam in May 2008, and fell in love at first sight with this beautiful country, wonderful people, and great food. Vietnam needs companies that can prove Vietnamese people to compete in the world. FPT Software is in the closest position to achieve this goal among all Vietnamese companies. Not only FPT Software management and employees, but also FPT Software customers and partners, want to see that happen. Let’s do it.”