From numerous Cloud migration projects with Fortune 500 clients, FPT sees through your challenges:

  • What should be the right Cloud migration strategy: applications to move, cloud technology & provider to select, and which way to go?
  • How to control migration budget & timeline?
  • Countless other concerns: security, interoperability, vendor agnostic, etc.

FPT provides end-to-end Cloudification services delivered by experienced and knowledgeable resources. We assist clients in the entire process of moving to the cloud, from the first phase of migration workshop to the change management. With tools to automating some of the workload, we make sure your Cloudification projects are delivered in a cost-efficient and timeline manner.

FPT’s Cloudification Service Offerings


FPT’s Cloudification Solutions


Citus™ Migration Suite

Providing templates, reference architectures and tools to speed up and automate the application and data migration to the cloud.

Citus™  Containerization

Simplifying and automating provisioning and deployment process for migration application to Container.

Citus™ CloudATS

A self-service portal for automation test and performance test on the cloud.

Citus™  Cloud Load Test

An on-demand test tool to run performance tests on web systems and simulate up to 100,000 concurrent users.