FPT’s Innovations Towards Digital Age

February, 2017

As a leading ICT company in Vietnam, FPT strives to bring more values to businesses by making technology the key driving force to trigger competitive edges, in which Digital services have been our focus in the last three years. By leveraging the power of the Cloud, IoT, Analytics, we have been actively involved in countless customers’ journey in digitalizing their IT landscape and essentially changing the way they do business.

“FPT’s Innovations Towards Digital Age” aims to shed light into our expertise in Digital technologies add how we can and have helped companies tranforming themselves.

Throughout this event, you will get a chance to join us in a tech seminar and exhibition, and get a chance to discuss Digitalization with out Tech experts from Vietnam. You are welcome to sit down with us to exchange ideas and sketch plans to make those Industry-Disrupting PoC ideas come true!

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  • February, 20th, 2017: Bellevue;
  • February, 21th, 2017: Denver;
  • February 23rd, 2017: Renton;

Our Seminars will cover:

  • Continuous Delivery & Continuous Integration;
  • Digital Transformation;
  • PoC Idea Exchange;

Come and get hands-on experiences in our demos in the Tech Exhibitions:

  • Cloud;
  • IoT & Robotics;
  • Analytics &AI;
  • Mobility;
  • Security;