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With over 20 millions audiences from around the world, our client – a Fortune 500 company – wishes to better understand their customers.

The goal

Reduce churn

volunteers say that they feel better – physically, mentally and emotionally

Enhance user experience

volunteers feel a deeper connection
to communities and to others

Boost engagement

volunteering helps people
manage and lower their stress levels

Boost sales

volunteers are more informed, engaged
and involved in managing their health

Our Solutions

The outcome

The solution from FPT Software has successfully achieved all goals from the client. With the valuable insights and statistics provided from the recommendation engine, we construct tailor-made recommendation carousels with relevant contents. Personalized interactions show the user that he/she is valued as an
individual. In turn, this engenders his/her loyalty. Users become more engaged in the service when are able to delve more deeply into the service without having to perform search after search.

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