Case Study: OpenFPT on AWS

About OpenFPT

OpenFPT is FPT Corporation’s initiative in sharing FPT’s technology knowledge to the public. Through the OpenFPT Gateway, researches and technologies of FPT Corporation will be open for public use as API (web services). The APIs are divided into 3 categories: Private (integration APIs within FPT Corporation), Partners and Public. Developers are also able to promote and publish their own products to the portal.
The gateway is hosted on AWS to optimize scalability and accessibility.

The Solution

The entire gateway is hosted on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) which enables high levels of performance while Elastic Load Balancing (Amazon ELB) distributes incoming traffic across the EC2 instances.
FPT Software was to deploy and manage the AWS environment for OpenFPT and sure 24/7 operations. The Cloud-based infrastructure is closely monitored in terms of resources management, user control, configuration and disaster recovery. The team also supported in keeping the usage cost in check: in cases the cost exceeding reaches 50%; 70%; 80% of total monthly budget, notifications would be issued. Resources would be forced to shut down when usage cost reached over 85% of monthly budget.
Requested support for infrastructure Incident/Problem/Change/Service are also handled by FPT Software.


The high availability and flexibility of the AWS cloud ensures high application performance, Easy-to-manage infrastructure, global access with much faster development lifecycle for the OpenFPT gateway.