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Case Study: Aircraft Maintenance Manual on Mobile

The Client

A fortune 100 Aerospace manufacturer in the US, leaders in commercial aviation line.

Business Needs

The client wanted to develop an application that support maintenance staff in storing the existing enormous printed technical documents in a single mobile application. The application was expected t
• Allow users to search inside the document (which is impossible on printed material);
• Allow users to download documents from a central server or importing from a local PC then users can access anywhere, anytime even when device is offline;
• Support PDF, HTML and a variety of graphic formats;
• Bookmark, history;
• Send document reference to other apps;
• Allow users to give feedback on the documents.

Project Challenges

Usability and Accessibility for Field Engineers and Technicians
Interacting with different document formats and layout
Indexing, re-formatting the text in an unified way


Integrating with secured on site resources
Allocate engineers to site to get experience and constantly verify the design with field engineers.
Team is deployed both onsite and offshore to maintain continuous integration with target system .
Converting PDF, HTML and Word into intermediate HTML content.
• Innovative design to enable field engineers and technicians to quickly and easily access to targeted contents by categorizing, indexing, searching and bookmarking documents
• Converting and standardizing multiple document formats.
• Technologies: iOS 4,5, Objective C, PDF, Word, HTML Parsers


The application has been progressively deployed to various Airline divisions and  has received positive feedbacks from Field Engineers for the accessibility and convenience.
• Documents are now much more easily searched and accessed;
• Documents can be more frequently updated;
• The client reduced a lot of effort and cost from printing out and updating technical documents;
• Documents are synchronized to centralized and standardized;
• The application supports PDF, HTML and Word documents.