Case Study: FPT Elevator IoT Platform

The Client

The client is a US-based leading elevator control company. Since its establishment in 1983, the company has always been the top in the global industry with over 160,000 controllers sold so far. Their customers include the consultants who specify, contractors who install and maintain, facilities staff who service and the building owners who own the equipment.

Business Needs

The client wanted to transform their business model to stay ahead in the highly competitive OEM manufacturing industry. They were looking for a solution that connected thousands of elevators deployed throughout North America and provided the ability to collect, monitor and analyze operation data from sensors to predict breakdowns before they happened.

The Solutions

FPT Software provided the client with a complete solution: defining the network topology, IoT protocols to be used, selecting Cloud platform and designing the architecture. We developed algorithms for fault detection and predictive maintenance system.

  • Our team members worked with the client to build a comprehensive IoT architecture on Azure that real-time connects with deployed systems, streams and consolidates data for monitoring and analytics. A self-service BI platform was setup for engineering and operation analysis.

FPT IoT Elevator PLatform

Observing operation in real time

FPT IoT Elevator PLatform1


Monitoring technical data in real time and comparing with past and reference data

FPT IoT Elevator PLatform2

  • Advanced predictive models were applied to predict faults and estimate remaining lifespan of machines and equipment.

Prediction of time to failure

FPT IoT Elevator PLatform3

Prediction of time to failure

FPT IoT Elevator PLatform4

The system is able to:

  • Learn from historical data and consequences to develop knowledge ;
  • Predict failures before it happens to prevent losses and damages ;
  • Estimate the remaining lifespan and influential factors that can extend lifespan of equipment;
  • Build a database of causes and results for engineering improvements;
  • A near real- time monitoring application was also deployed for customer support, R&D engineers and dashboard for management;

The Benefits

With the new IoT architecture running on Azure platform in operation, a new line of service business has been available for the client to improve profitability and differentiate itself from competitors.
The new system is proven to predict up to 85% of failures before they happen, therefore dramatically reduce downtime and maintenance cost. The analytic platform that FPT set up for the customer has served to bring about major engineering and operation improvements.