The Client

The Old Republic Title Insurance Group (ORTIG) is a leading US company specializing in title insurance policies and related real estate transaction and mortgage lending products and services to individual consumers, mortgage lenders, businesses and government agencies.

Why Outsourcing?

In 2005, Old Republic Title Insurance was expecting to expand their business and reach out to more customers. One of their core systems, the Vendor management system, was starting to stagger behind, leaving little room for the business to grow. The few in-house development resources could not enhance the system on their own due to the enormous effort needed, and all the while, ORT was also looking for ways to optimize their budget and improve business efficiency.
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Why Vietnam?

In 2005, ORT sought assistance from a US-based IT and Management Consulting and the model of offshore was brought forth. The offshore-onsite working model would equip ORT with the resources and skillset they need, while keeping their IT budget at a minimum level.

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The Successful Outsourcing Story of ORT in Vietnam

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The Successful Outsourcing Story of ORT in Vietnam