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Enjoy Secure and Efficient Financial

Systems with FPT


• Personalized Digital Experience
• Online Banking, Mobile Banking
• Payment system
• eClosing Mortgage as Platform
• Bank as a Platform (micro services, OpenAPI)


• Blockchain
• Robotic Process Automation
• Digital Assistant, Chatbot


• Securities back-office system;
• Derivatives;
• Trading System;


• Title Insurance
• Automated Insurance
• Mobile Agents
• Agent Digital Assistant
• IoT for Insurance
• Customer360 View

We Customize to Clients’
Business Needs

Traditional Services

・Applications Services
・Test Services
・Legacy Modernization
・Product Implementation & Maintenance
・Infrastructure Configuration


・Robotic Process Automation
・Blockchain Implementation
・AI Digital Assistant

Our Expertise covers multiple Partners’
financial products

Oracle Flexcube

We provide a comprehensive and integrated solution on Oracle Flexcube that enables your business to manage evolving customer expectation.

Temenos T24

Everything start with the core, FPT will enhance your business with Temenos T24 core banking platform.


Our digital banking solution on BankFlex will empower banks to rapidly maximize the value of their customer relationship through a modern, flexible, secured and low-cost environment.

Citus™ Cobol Suite

Citus Cobol Suite is FPT Software’s trademarked tool suite, offering users fast and cost-efficient Cloud-based Cobol transcoding approach.
+ more



Resources with 20+ years of experience in banking and financial services. Provide Implementation, customization and support for core banking systems: Payment, eBanking, Loan, Risk Management

Our Credibility

Trusted by 40+ of 350 clients in Banking Financial Services and Insurance Practice Vertical

BFSI resources

Large BFSI resources in Offshore & Local Development Centers across the globes.
700+ FTE’s in Banking Finance Insurance industry with global delivery model across country US, Japan, Europe, APAC.


9+ years of experience in Title Insurance/Insurance
End to end services to help our clients develop solution in Insurance and Title Insurance Core Application

FPT’s Success Stories

Blockchain Proof of Concept

Acknowledging the potential of this emerging technology, we developed PoC on Blockchain platform for potential application area such as Insurance, Securities base on top existing open platforms Hyperledger and Ethereum

Banking Financial Service

We assist financial enterprises to develop full-cycle eClosing and mortgage integration platform to provide the abilities for end-users to create/configure/process order information and documents related to Real Estate Loan Settlement Process for top mortgage solution providers in US.


FPT has triumphantly modernized Agency and Policy management system for a large Insurance provider in US. We are responsible for E2E execution of a sophisticated legacy modernization program that enabled customer’s business to growing market needs, streamlined the agent/policy management processes, optimized data & reporting and delivered mobile experience.


The Successful Outsourcing Story of ORT in Vietnam

In 2005, Old Republic Title Insurance was expecting to expand their business and reach out to more customers. One of their core systems, the Vendor management system, was starting to stagger behind, leaving little room for the business to grow. The few in-house development resources could not enhance the system on their own due to the enormous effort needed, and all the while, ORT was also looking for ways to optimize their budget and improve business efficiency.
Learn how Vietnam outsourcing has led to the company’s increase in technology improvements and business enhancement while maintaining the budget at the minimum level..




I’ve been very impressed with the quality of their work, and the thoroughness of it, their CMMi level 5 processes and procedures are second to none that I’ve worked with. The ability to turn out that top-notch quality program on-time, and real
commitments to work with customers have been very impressive over the years. It’s truly been a good experience.

Mr. Mike Thibado

VINCA Division Manager at Old Republic Title Insurance

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