As a forward looking organization, FPT Software is always recruiting dynamic individuals to conquer new technologies and explore new frontiers. To ensure a highly motivated team, peak performance and to world class leaders, FPT Software invests heavily in people across all levels. Talent is recognized, performance is rewarded and leaders are groomed in the FPT environment that encourages teamwork and excellence.

More Value to Customers

FPT Software has a large talent pool largest human resource with an annual growth rate of 40%. This gives us the ability to take on any challenging project– small, medium or large. FPT engineers are young, motivated, eager to deliver, keen to learn and achieve results. This explains why our attrition rate is less than 10% while the industry average across Asia is 20% plus.

Human Resource Strategy

We are managing company’s annual growth rate at around 30-40%, thus increasing the chances of career enhancement for our employees.

  • Providing intensive training for sustained growth.
  • Creating a career path system for Engineers, allowing fast track performance assessments every 6 months
  • Offering excellent employee benefits such as health care, summer vacations and other soft perks.
  • Identifying and nurturing a ‘Key Talent Group’ with less than 5% attrition rate.

Work Ready Talent Resource Pool

  • FPT University – one of the largest IT Universities in Vietnam, a subsidiary of FPT Corporation, was founded with the aim of preparing future talent to match and exceed industry requirements.
  • FPT Software co-operates closely with a host of reputed domestic and overseas universities and leverages the best candidates in its very own ‘FPT University’ to identify and groom talent to become highly qualified engineers for the industry. Students from these universities are provided internship opportunities in FPT Software while they are studying in their 2nd or 3rd year.
  • Our potential employees are first provided with a practical working environment, on-site tasks, lots of work-oriented education and on-the-job training to improve their foreign language proficiency and enhance their technical knowledge related to the various technologies used across different projects.

Continuous Training

FPT Software has its own training center that is responsible for managing human resources and providing training courses to ensure sufficient numbers of highly-trained staff are available for projects. New recruits undergo rigorous training before being exposed to live projects, while the experienced staffs undergo retraining from time to time thus ensuring that our people are on par with the latest developments.